Solidarity calendar for the fight against cancer

A few weeks ago my wife told me that she had sent photos of our children to a store, via Facebook, to see if they were taken to go out on a solidarity calendar that would be sold with the intention of obtaining funds that would be used to continue fighting against cancer . The store was (is) Otta Kids, a shop that is in my city, which together with Lullaby, a photographer specialized in mothers and children, devised the creation of the aforementioned solidarity calendar, whose funds would go to the TV3 Marathon this year.

Pope authorizes priests to absolve the "sin of abortion"

Pope Francis has just announced, through the apostolic letter "Misericordia et misera", which authorizes absolution, from now on, to "those who have sought the sin of abortion." He had already announced that the sin of abortion could be forgiven and after granting the grace temporarily during the Jubilee of Mercy (inaugurated on December 8, 2015 and closed last Sunday), today he announced it indefinitely.

What would you do if you see a baby alone in a car?

It is difficult to understand that someone can leave a baby only in a car, but the truth is that unfortunately, more happens than we think and many children die from this cause. The temperatures inside a car parked in the sun can rise about 10-15 degrees in a few minutes, causing heat stroke or death of the baby due to hyperthermia.

Benefits of skin-to-skin contact

We have already spoken on multiple occasions about the importance of skin-to-skin contact in the first moments of the baby's life. The Pan American Health Organization, under WHO, makes in one of its publications a summary of the immediate and long-term benefits of early skin-to-skin contact between the mother and her newborn.

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Do trinkets really cause worms in children?

Intestinal parasitic infections, commonly known as "worms," ​​cause a considerable number of infested children in any country. Although with the right treatment they disappear, they are annoying and we want to avoid them, sometimes not with the right argument. It is one of the reasons that parents argue most when it comes to limiting the consumption of sweets by children, but do the goodies really cause worms?

Baby project: What are ovulation tests? Do they work? (my experience)

When you embark on the huge "project" of having a baby, a totally unknown world opens before you: you learn things about your body that you didn't know before, your mind suddenly surprises you with thoughts of what exactly that moment you are living would be like with a child next door and you are filled with questions and expectations that you never had before.

"Capitalism, enemy of Lactation"

Capitalism is the enemy of Breastfeeding, proclaims this video made by a Venezuelan television. The language and some of the conclusions are risky, unprovable. Talking about "Capitalism" is excessive, although there are very strong economic interests that have made real the extension of artificial breastfeeding.

A baby is born four months after his mother suffered brain death

As one of my companions commented, this type of news provokes mixed feelings, because you are glad that everything possible has been done so that a baby is born well but, on the other hand, it causes you discomfort that your mother's vital organs have been maintained working, even though she already had brain death.

Dads and moms blogs (LXVIII)

This week the review of the parents' blogs is very special for me. A couple of weeks ago I was announcing a book that just went on sale, "A new motherhood", edited by OB STARE. The work has as authors 15 women who have kept their identities until a few days ago, to give more emotion to the launch and who have met in a group called The Tribe 2.

Acupuncture to treat depression in pregnancy

It is more common to hear about postpartum depression, but less is known about prenatal depression syndrome, which affects approximately 10% of pregnant women. Harmless methods of treatment for the fetus are sought and it has been discovered that acupuncture can treat depression in pregnancy.

Benefits of late cord clamping

The benefits of delayed umbilical cord clamping in newborns are several, both for the mother and the baby, in the short and long term. This practice is part of the recommendations in the first hour of life of the baby. In the document entitled "Beyond Survival: Comprehensive practices during childbirth care, beneficial for the nutrition and health of mothers and children", of the Pan American Health Organization (the regional office of the World Health Organization ), a section dedicated to the recommendations about the umbilical cord cut is offered.

The floor, the best playground for the baby

After six months, the baby will begin to be curious about everything around him and accompany that curiosity with small physical achievements. He will start crawling, then crawling, sitting alone and later trying to stand up. In this stage of discoveries, the floor is the best playground for the baby.

Russian pasta salad, the original recipe you will love this summer

What would be of us without pasta recipes? We like them so much and eat them so well that we are always thinking of ideas to renew our recipe book to continue getting it right with our children, while we take the opportunity to introduce other foods in their diet. This week we have prepared an original recipe for Russian pasta salad, in which we will replace the classic potatoes with sharks or pasta coditos.

He caught his cold: how to make your little one feel better

It is a time of colds and colds. When children are ill, they need more attention and care than ever, although there are certain things we can do at home to make children feel better when they catch a cold. With patience, understanding, empathy and many pampering we can comfort you.

Phrases for the birth of a baby

Congratulating those who have just been parents can be something really beautiful, expressing joy about birth is usually very grateful for parents. It may be the case that we do not know how to express the happiness and joy we feel, for this, we leave you with endless phrases suitable for each celebration.